How should we prevent a smog in the pig farm


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In the environment's pollution, the smog is getting bigger and bigger. Today, we will introduce preventive measures for the pestry weather in the pig farm. In the process of routine sterilization, the number of air disinfection is increased, reduce the concentration of dust, inhibit the spread of pathogens in the air. When disinfecting, it can be used with a sprayer, a sprayer or a fog, or fumigation.

In disinfection methods, small pigstones, suggested spray; big, spacious pig house suitable for air fog; fumigation can only be used for empty hous-hous sterilization; hot fog is suitable for large-scale, although the noise is large, but uniformity is very good .

Exhaust ventilation is especially important. Strengthening ventilation-ventilated housing is an important means of pig house environment control. Introducing outdoor fresh air, excluding the dirty air, effectively improving air quality, and stabilizing the flock can avoid induced respiratory disease.

Reduce the humidity of the house. At any time, the humidity of the enclosure is different. When foggy days, the air humidity is large; in the sky, the air is dry. Therefore, when the air humidity is large, it is necessary to use lime, desiccant, charcoal, etc. In the case of excess air humidity control, the frequency and water consumption of the enclosure should be controlled, minus unnecessary spray and spray.