Yuexiu Huadu Project


Recently, the installation of fermentation tanks at Yuexiu Huadu Pig Farm was successfully completed.

This pig farm is a popular multi-story pig farm design in recent years. The pig pens have slatted floors, which allow the pig manure to fall through to the lower gutter. The gutter is equipped with an automatic manure cleaning system that removes the manure at regular intervals. The collected manure goes through a solid-liquid separation device, with the liquid portion directed to the sewage treatment area, while the solid feces are sent to the fermentation tanks.

The principle of treating manure in the fermentation tanks is similar to traditional composting, which involves the decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms. However, the efficiency of the fermentation tanks is higher, mainly manifested in shorter fermentation cycles and a larger processing capacity per unit area. For example, a 120C-type fermentation tank can handle approximately 8 tons of solid manure per day, occupying only 60 square meters of space. After 7-10 days of fermentation, the output is dry, loose, and odorless. After aging, sieving, and packaging, it can be sold as organic fertilizer.

The project consists of 11 units of 120C-type fermentation tanks, capable of processing approximately 88 tons of solid manure per day and producing around 30 tons of organic fertilizer. The sales revenue from organic fertilizer, minus operational costs, represents the profit. According to calculations, the project can recoup the investment in the fermentation tanks within 2-3 years. The investment return rate is satisfactory.