Cason was invited to attend APPC2023


On November 1st, we arrived in Nanjing to participate in APPC2023. During the conference, Professor Liao Xindi from South China Agricultural University delivered a keynote speech titled "Harmless Treatment and Resource Utilization of Chicken Manure."

The presentation mainly focused on the methods and selection principles for chicken manure treatment, techniques for odor control and prevention, and the utilization of chicken manure. Currently, the mainstream method for chicken manure treatment is through fermentation tanks, which are characterized by mature technology, stable operation, simple operation, and minimal auxiliary material usage.

Cason has over 15 years of experience in the production and installation of fermentation tanks, with projects spread across various provinces in China. In recent years, Cason has developed an ultra-energy-efficient blower that solves the problem of high power consumption and operating costs in fermentation tanks. Several overseas projects have been put into operation recently, producing high-quality organic fertilizers and achieving a 40% reduction in power consumption compared to other fermentation tanks. These achievements have received consistent praise from customers.

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