Warm Welcome President of Thailand Layer Farmer Association


Hi everyone, I am Help of CASON. Here is exciting news.

3rd April, president and 5 members of Thailand Layer Farmer Association visited Qingdao CASON Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturer Co., Ltd. The president is very interested in the Manure Fermentation Tank and wanted to see by himself. 

In fact, we have already set up some fermentation tanks in farms of Thailand. And more tanks are being produced in the workshop. The president watched the welding process carefully and gave the workers very high praise. 

Then we had a short meeting to answer questions about the compost technology. How many tons of manure can be handled per day? How many fertilizer can he get per day? How many electricity it takes per day? And some other questions. 

After visiting, the president said “I got more confidence on the tank and will definitely have more cooperation with you.”
WangDong, our general manager said “Thanks for your visit. Look forward to have deeper cooperation with the association. We will sure provide prefect quality and timely after sale service as usual. ”