Pig manure fermentation equipment and resource utilization project case


In Dongying city of Shandong province modern animal husbandry demonstration park, for Zhengda (Dongying) pig co., LTD., breeding and finishing farm supporting construction waste treatment project, breeding scale for the amount of 6600 breeding sows and 62000 pigs, adopt the mode of "breeding" to deal with pig breeding manure, after solid-liquid separation of feces through high temperature aerobic fermentation after organic fertilizer for farmland.
The feces contact part of the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel material, and strictly adopts the Japanese welding process. The used components are all internationally famous brands. The electronic control system has a high degree of automation and can be monitored remotely. After signing the contract, CASON® will send professionals to the site for professional civil engineering guidance and the final site planning and survey, to ensure the smooth progress of the later delivery and installation.
The complete installation and 24-hour no-load test run before leaving the equipment in the factory can ensure that the equipment on the site installation, debugging and other work can run smoothly, and no abnormal situation occurs. CASON® is equipped with driving, forklift and other necessary loading and unloading tools, the operators have been formally trained and certified to work, to ensure that the equipment will not be in any damage caused by human factors before leaving the factory. Effectively protect all the parts of the equipment before delivery to avoid the damage of all the equipment parts during the normal transportation process.
In this project, CASON® dispatched professional installation staff to carry out a 20-day on-site installation, power connection and no-load debugging. After understanding the basic situation of the site, the installation was conducted according to the civil engineering situation and the site planning. Our installation personnel have been a Japanese generation of processing enterprise employees, excellent technology, high quality and high efficiency.

After the equipment debugging, our company for the site staff targeted training, ensure that each learners can operate equipment, and after the site acceptance, we complete the delivery of six fermentation equipment, implement feces without adding accessories new microbial fermentation treatment. One year after the delivery, our company sent professionals to the site for the normal maintenance of the equipment, and guided and answered the operation of the site staff again.