Solid Liquid Separation
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Solid Liquid Separation

QINGDAO CASON ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD independently develops innovative technology products—solid-liquid separation. With the development of modern livestock and poultry breeding and the rise of industrial intensive breeding, the pollution of livestock sewage has gradually entered the public's view while people's material needs have been met. At the same time, faced with the low efficiency and high cost of biogas digesters and septic tanks in aquaculture farms, the solid-liquid separator is also gradually accepted by everyone because of its excellent characteristics. You can rest assured to buy Solid Liquid Separation from our factory.

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Product Description

After 40 type inclined screen solid-liquid separation, the sewage enters the biogas tank, which can not only solve the sedimentation problem of the biogas tank, but also enhance the treatment capacity of the biogas tank, and reduce the investment area of the biogas tank and septic tank. Moreover, the solid substance after treatment and extrusion is fluffy, with low viscosity and small odor, which is convenient for transportation. At the same time, liquid organic fertilizer can also be used for crop absorption. Solid organic fertilizer should improve some soil nutrient structure, and can also be transported to fermentation tank or harmless treatment machine for fermentation to produce organic compound fertilizer.

Equipment composition
Cason solid liquid separator is mainly composed of mainframe, mixer, control cabinet, cutting pump, steel wire hose and other equipment.

Working principle
The sewage is pumped from the sludge screw pump into the solid-liquid separation septic tank, and evenly distributed on the inclined screen surface through overflow. Due to the small and smooth surface clearance of the screen, the back clearance is large, the drainage is smooth, and it is not easy to block; After the solid substance is intercepted, under the combined action of the vibrating motor and the inclined filter screen plate, the water will flow to the sewage pool automatically after screening and filtering, and the sewage from the gravity flow will be transported to the compression end by the extrusion device of the auger, and the excess water will be squeezed by the screen through continuous extrusion. 

It flows out of the drain and flows back, because the work of the extrusion drying box is continuous. As the materials continue to squeeze into the box, the pressure at the front end of the extrusion box increases. When the pressure reaches a certain level, the discharge port will be opened and the extrusion port will be extruded to achieve the purpose of extrusion and discharge. 

In order to master the discharging speed and water content, the counterweight block under the main machine can be adjusted to achieve a satisfactory and appropriate discharging state. The last thing to be squeezed is the dung with water content of about 70%, which is transferred to the fermentation tank or harmless treatment equipment through the auger for fermentation treatment.

Application field
1)The inclined screen solid liquid separator is specially designed for 40 type inclined screen solid-liquid separation at the front end of water flushing, water soaking and slaughtering sewage treatment,

2)After solid liquid separation and dehydration treatment, the sewage is fluffy, viscosity is reduced, and odor is small. After the fermentation tank or harmless treatment equipment is added, and the bacteria are added for fermentation and ripening treatment, granulation can be made into composite organic fertilizer.

3)After fermentation, it can also be made into pellet feed to provide nutritional feed for fish or crops.

4) Solid liquid separation can also be used for solid liquid separation and recovery of useful substances in industrial production. It is an excellent equipment for filtering or recovering solid or colloidal substances such as suspended solids, floating solids, sediments, etc.

Main parameters:



Main engine power (KW)


Host material


Total power (KW)


Diameter of filter screen (mm)


Power supply (V)


Operating Weight (KG)








Sewage treatment capacity (m3/H)


Extruded solid volume MAX (m3/H)


Diameter of separation drain outlet (mm)


Submersible pump inlet diameter (mm)


Equipment features
1)Small fuselage, small floor area, flexible and convenient installation, which can be used by a single unit or multiple units in parallel and operate independently of each other, saving civil engineering resources;

2)Wide range of application: the diameter of the sieve hole of the sieve barrel is 0.5-1mm. Different livestock farms, such as pig farms and cattle farms, can choose the solid liquid separator with relative sieve hole according to the different composition of feces;

3)The equipment is supported on four sides, and the screw shaft is supported on both ends, with high stability;

4) The whole separation system is highly automated. The control system can realize the automatic operation and shutdown of sludge screw pump and solid liquid separator through the level control of the septic tank, reduce the labor intensity of equipment management personnel, and also support manual control;

5) According to the scale and layout of the farm, the power of the sludge screw pump and agitator in the system is generally 5.5kw-8.5kw, and the power is 8.5kw. The energy consumption of the whole system is low;

6)Generally, the separator does not need to be cleaned, and the daily management, maintenance and operation are convenient.

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