Cason can customized Gestation-Stall-Open-Crates to meet customers' need. As one of China Gestation-Stall-Open-Crates manufacturers and suppliers, you can wholesale or buy Gestation-Stall-Open-Crates made in China directly from factory. I's durable and easy-maintainable and is with cheap price or quotation. If you sincerely want to cooperate with us, we can mail you free samples and price list.
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Gestation Crate

Gestation Crate

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you Cason® Gestation Crate. The gestation crate can provide maximum space for the sows to rest, Natural behaviour of the sows is feeding and exercising simultaneously, privacy for the sows is provided, stress is reduced, acilitate insemi​nation and pregnancy testing

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