warmly welcome Thai customers to visit our company!


On May 26, Thai Foods Group, Team Built Company, Cargill Company and their 2023 came to visit our Company. Our Chairman Liang Ning, Vice President Yan Na and other warm welcome, led the team to accompany customers to visit the production plant, the technical director, Liang Huaizhong, introduced the production process of the hermetic high-temperature aerobic fermenter and the standardized installation and commissioning plan, and explained in detail the technical parameters and specifications of the integrated harmless treatment equipment, through on-site inspection of the company's products and technology docking, customers of the company's technical standards and production capacity highly recognized.

In the Cason Environmental Protection Conference room, both sides carried on the detailed discussion and the effective technical exchange in view of the customer's technical questions and the concrete details of the long-term cooperation between the two sides, our customers are deeply impressed by our team's technical professionalism and timely and thoughtful service attitude.

In order to better display our products, then drove to the Lianyungang project site, for customers to introduce in detail the operation of the fermentation tank working principle and technology, the customer said the company's products are very recognized. Through this visit and site visit, we have established a deep trust and friendship with Thai customers, for the later long-term cooperation to lay a solid foundation.
Thank you to all the leaders and customers who come to our company, because of your support, we are full of motivation on the way forward. Qingdao Zeyu kai sheng Machinery Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. will continue to uphold the“Agriculture-based, science and technology first, Falu employees, industry to serve the country” business philosophy, strive to become a“Livestock breeding equipment quality supplier” at the core of the excellent enterprise.
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