Harmless products and technological advantages


Harmless equipment can be used for feces, dead livestock and poultry carcasses, dead pigs, and fetal membranes.
Advantages of Harmless products:

1. Direct delivery without crushing
No need for pre crushing, saving crushing and conveying equipment, avoiding the spread of animal visceral odor and pathogens;
2.Extremely strong processing power
Sick and dead livestock and poultry (chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs) can be directly put into equipment for treatment;
3.Energy conservation and efficiency

The processing process only uses computer equipment and can be completed in 15-20 hours.
4.Green and environmentally friendly
The processing only involves the discharge of high-temperature steam.

Harmless products technical advantages

1. Low energy consumption, low operating power, and reduced usage costs;
2. Mature technology, with high maturity in years of actual operation and research and development technology;
3. Strong processing ability;
4. Green and environmentally friendly, the entire treatment process is smokeless, odorless, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.
5. Low failure rate, safe and stable, meeting the requirements for harmless treatment after long-term tracking and inspection by local animal husbandry departments;
6. Long service life, harmless equipment made of stainless steel material, covered with film on the outer skin, durable and durable;

7. Economically efficient, with high treatment efficiency, the processed products can be used as organic fertilizer raw materials.