organic fertilizer fermentation tank


Organic fertilizer fermentation tank, also known as high-temperature rapid fermentation tank, is based on the principle of degrading microorganisms and crushing substances in organic waste as fermentation raw materials; The crushed material enters the first stage high-temperature aerobic fermentation tank for heating inoculation, fully automatic mechanical stirring fermentation tank, and aeration is provided at the same time; The material enters the secondary high-temperature aerobic organic fertilizer fermentation tank to provide aeration, while adding fermentation additives to enhance fermentation; After the fermentation of the material is completed, it enters the grid screen to separate impurities, and then passes through the solid-liquid separation equipment to form a filter cake that is processed into solid fertilizer, and the filtrate is processed into liquid fertilizer.

Characteristics of organic fertilizer fermentation tank
1.Feed according to the amount every day, and add bacterial strains during the first fermentation tank. The fermentation cycle is 7-10 days, and the fertilization speed is fast. 
2.Wide adaptability, suitable for both north and south, unaffected by temperature. In cold regions of the north, fermentation can continue as usual in winter. 
3.PLC control, automatic operation, no need for manual management. High degree of mechanization, with one click operation for feeding, discharging, and temperature control, one person can work. 
4.Energy conservation and environmental protection mainly rely on the thermal power of microorganisms to assist with electrical energy, with a three-level atomization for deodorization, and the discharged air can fully meet the standards. 
5.The small footprint, which is one thousandth of the traditional fermentation area, solves the problem of factory construction. 
6.High efficiency, the fermentation tank utilizes scientific fermentation methods and can ferment twice a day. The fertilizer effect is good, and the organic matter can quickly decompose, fully meeting the national standard.
7.The inner wall of the tank is lined with stainless steel plate, with an interlayer of polyurethane foam layer, and the outer shell is made of carbon steel plate.

8.The organic fertilizer fermentation tank solves the problem of uneven fermentation caused by ordinary flipping equipment, and produces high-quality organic fertilizers.