V-shaped Manure Scraper features


V-shaped Manure Scraper features:


1. Dry and wet separation is achieved from the front section of feces. The moisture content of the scraped feces is between 75% and 80%, which can be directly composted or sent to fermentation equipment for fermentation.
2. V-shaped Manure Scraper is supported by a catheter, making it more stable and able to operate over longer distances.
The content of BOD, COD, and SS in the liquid discharged from the catheter is low, and the cost of later sewage treatment is low.
1. High civil engineering requirements and difficult construction.
2.Compared with Automatic Flat scraper, the equipment cost is relatively high

Automatic Flat scraper features:

Compared with V-shaped Manure Scraper, Automatic Flat scraper is relatively low.
The civil engineering process is relatively simple and the civil engineering cost is relatively low.
1."The simultaneous removal of feces and urine makes it impossible to separate pig feces and urine. The content of BOD and other substances in sewage is relatively high, and the cost of sewage treatment increases.".
2. Increase in solid-liquid separation equipment, resulting in increased equipment costs.