Vertical Closed Aerobic Fermentation Machine Project Cases-Cason


1.Chongqing Wulong Project

The project is located in Wulong City, Chongqing. The feces collected in the urban area are treated with a water content of about 70% - 75% (which can be tested specifically). The closed fermentation process is adopted, and six fermentation tanks are designed and used, including front-end material premixing, material transportation, and hydraulic on-off feeding equipment. The new microbial fermentation technology without adding auxiliary materials can be realized, and the powdered organic fertilizer produced meets the national standards.

2.CP China Project

This project is located in Dongying Modern Animal Husbandry Demonstration Park, Shandong Province. It is the supporting construction of the manure treatment project for the breeding and fattening farms of CP (Dongying) Pig Industry Co., Ltd. The scale of breeding is 6600 breeding sows and 62000 fattening pigs on hand. The "combination of breeding and breeding" is used to treat the manure generated from pig breeding. The manure residue after solid-liquid separation is used to produce organic fertilizer for farmland after high-temperature aerobic fermentation.

3.New Hope Project

The company has repeatedly undertaken the installation and commissioning of the fermentation tank project of New Hope Group, completed more than 20 projects, including Sichuan Yanting Project, Guangxi Nanning Wuming Project, Guangxi Chongzuo Project, Anhui Suixi Project, and Vietnam New Hope Project, and won unanimous praise from customers.