Intelligent pig farm realizes bio-organic fertilizer through pig manure fermentation tank


Cason® pig manure fermentation tank, an environmental protection equipment in the intelligent pig farm, can ferment pig manure into bio-organic fertilizer through closed biological fermentation. Cason® pig manure fermentation tankcan also deal with kitchen waste, sludge, livestock manure, etc.

Introduction to the production process of bio-organic fertilizer in the intelligent pig farm: the organic fertilizer starter uses aerobic starter, which is suitable for static fermentation and dynamic fermentation mode. It can treat livestock and poultry excrement and waste solid organic matter (crop straw, straw, pine shell, peanut shell, rice bran, sawn wood, leaves, mushroom waste, drug residue, sugar paste, distiller's grains, bagasse, monosodium glutamate residue, furfural residue, municipal solid waste, etc.) to promote the rapid deodorization of fermented products. It can effectively control the occurrence of soil diseases and insect pests and reduce the amount of pesticides. High maturity: no peculiar smell, no root burning and seedling burning, suitable for agricultural production such as organic vegetables, fruit production and factory seedling breeding. High content of available nutrients is conducive to crop absorption. High content of organic matter is beneficial to improve soil fertility, soil structure and soil microbial activity. It contains a large number of elements and trace elements required by crops and a large number of physiological active substances produced during microbial fermentation. Promote the growth and development of crops, improve the quality of agricultural products, and restore the natural flavor of agricultural products. Applicable to: organic (green) vegetables, fruits, tobacco, tea trees and flowers. Industrialized seedling and soilless cultivation nutrition base.