Animal husbandry and breeding waste model and the opportunities faced by it


Breeding waste refers to the emissions produced by livestock and poultry in the process of livestock and poultry breeding, and in the disposal of sick and dead livestock and poultry bodies, or the pollutants produced in the breeding feed and breeding process. Breeding waste treatment is the harmless, recycling and reduction treatment of the waste produced in the process of breeding livestock and poultry. Breeding waste treatment mode includes three kinds: energy utilization, fertilizer utilization and industrial treatment:

In recent years, the development of modern society has greatly improved people's quality of life. At the same time, people's demand for animal husbandry products has gradually increased, and animal husbandry has developed vigorously. However, due to the lack of ecological and environmental protection concept, some farmers do not have enough funds to introduce advanced environmental protection equipment and technology, causing serious environmental pollution problems. Therefore, each big farms should also combine the local actual situation of animal husbandry environmental protection work, at the same time in order to better ensure the economic benefits of the farms, the big farms should gradually increase investment, optimize related technology for the development of breeding industry can be on the premise of meet the requirements of environmental protection, let our country animal husbandry industry can achieve sustainable development.
In view of the above situation, the demand for professional breeding waste treatment is prominent, which provides development opportunities for the animal husbandry environmental protection industry. The details are as follows:
1.Deepening ecological progress to agricultural and rural areas, bringing broad market space for the environmental protection industry
Under the background of rural revitalization and the modern and green development of animal husbandry, the agricultural and rural environmental protection industry will usher in a new space for development. In the context of the intensive release of national and local policies, the construction of ecological civilization will be further extended to the agricultural and rural areas, the role of professional environmental protection services in promoting rural modernization will become more and more prominent, and the agricultural and rural environmental protection industry will usher in a golden period of rapid development.
2.High-quality development of agriculture and animal husbandry and food industry, and the requirements for professional environmental protection treatment are improved
The connotation of high-quality development of animal husbandry includes efficient output, product safety, resource conservation, environmental friendliness and effective regulation. Large-scale and centralized moderate-scale breeding is the main trend of livestock and poultry breeding industry. The improvement of the scale rate of breeding and the level of green breeding will provide favorable development conditions for the centralized and efficient treatment of livestock and poultry manure, and will further promote the continuous development of the environmental protection service industry of breeding waste treatment and resource utilization.