The characteristics of the automatic drinking water heater


The overall structure of the automatic drinking water heater is simple, corrosion -resistant, reliable in work, no leakage, and the service life can be long. The sealing effect of the water beverage equipment is very good, and it will not be polluted by the outside, which is more guaranteed to the health of the pig. In addition, the flow rate of pigs with automatic drinking water heaters is relatively low, which is very suitable for the diversion requirements of pigs.

This kind of pork with automatic drinking water heater has a strong ability to pass the sediment, so it is not easy to be blocked when drinking. When the pig is drafted, only the stem of the valve is required, and the water flows out of the gap between the valve core and the sealing ring, and enters the pig's mouth. When the pig's mouth is loose, the tension of the spring is rely on, the valve stem is reset, and the water gap is closed. It is very easy to learn, as long as simple training, pigs can learn to use.

However, when using this pork with automatic drinking water heater, stay away from the feces in the pig only resting area, and check the working status of the water heater regularly to avoid the failure of some machines to affect the use of pigs. Because of the long -term use, a lot of dirt will accumulate in the drinking heater, so it is necessary to clean up the dirt regularly to avoid breeding bacteria.

Large -scale farms still need to have modern production equipment to cooperate with it. Pig automatic drinking water heater is a good example.