Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of pig cup waterer for pig farms


The pig cup waterer can effectively reduce water waste and reduce the amount of sewage discharged from the pig farm while satisfying the pigs to drink enough water, so it gradually replaced the pig water nozzle. So, what are the disadvantages of this water bowl in actual use? This article will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of pig cup waterer for pig farms.
Advantages of pig cup waterer for pig farms
Compared with other drinking fountains, the biggest feature of the pig farm drinking bowl is that it saves water.
The pig cup waterer for pigs is deeper and thicker than ordinary water bowls, which can save water. The working principle of the drinking bowl of the pig farm is to use a touch switch, and the water will come out when the pig's mouth is touched, and it will not come out when it is not touched. Pigs will drink water when they are thirsty by touching the switch. Compared with the traditional way of putting the water there, it saves a lot. Relatively speaking, the use of stainless steel pig cup waterer can also prevent pigs from stepping into the water tank and polluting the drinking water.
Disadvantages of drinking bowl for pigs:
All things are double-sided. Although the water bowl saves water, the pigs will bring the feed from their mouths into the water bowl during the process of drinking water, and the accumulation of feed occurs, which is more troublesome to clean up;
Compared with other drinking water equipment such as faucets, stainless steel pig cup waterer for pigs have higher costs and higher investment in pig farms.
Stainless steel drinking water bowls for pigs are divided into three types: nursery pig water bowls, fattening pig water bowls and sow water bowls according to the size of the model. They can be fixed on fences and cement walls. It is recommended to use one water bowl for every 10 pigs and install it on next to the trough.