Automatic Fecal Cleaning System
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Automatic Fecal Cleaning System

You can rest assured to buy Automatic Fecal Cleaning System from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. With the increasing cost of labor, feed and technical management, the pig industry has entered the era of meager profits. How to reduce the cost of pig raising and improve production efficiency has become a common concern of pig farmers. In order to effectively reduce labor costs, improve the environmental quality of pig farms, increase the income of farmers, and promote the development of ecological water-saving animal husbandry, the automatic pig farm manure cleaner came into being. Qingdao Cason Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of fecal cleaning equipment for Chinese channels. Qingdao CASON® has the whole process service capability from environmental protection scheme design to equipment installation, and has long-term in-depth cooperation with state-owned enterprises, central enterprises, listed groups and foreign customers to provide them with comprehensive environmental protection system solutions.

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Product Description

In view of the rise of building breeding in recent years, in order to solve the problem of fecal pollution of large-scale livestock and poultry breeding enterprises, our company has upgraded and introduced several fecal cleaning equipment more suitable for breeding, this system solves the problem of harmful gas emission and air pollution in the house from the source. The fecal cleaning equipment is made of stainless steel, which solves the problem of high labor intensity, high cost and easy corrosion in the traditional fecal cleaning mode. This fecal cleaning system is fully automatic, with high degree of automation and simple maintenance. 

After centralized collection, feces are transported to the fermentation system in a closed manner through the transmission system. The whole system is transported in a closed manner to solve the problem of feces pollution. At the same time, the cross infection of feces is controlled to avoid secondary pollution. The thermophilic aerobic fermentation system includes automatic tipping bucket feeding and closed conveying feeding. After entering the fermentation bin, the feces are evenly stirred and fully combined with the air. 

The decomposition process of organic matter generates heat at a temperature of up to 70 °C, enabling the feces to be fully fermented and decomposed, effectively killing insect eggs, pathogens, grass seeds, etc. After 7-10 days of rapid decomposition, efficient organic fertilizer is produced and sent to the aging workshop through the transmission system for aging for 15 days, In order to facilitate transportation or add nutrient elements for crops, preliminary screening and packaging or adding appropriate elements to extrude and granulate to obtain efficient organic fertilizer. The whole system features small floor area, high processing efficiency, large single processing capacity, low operation and maintenance costs, etc.

The automatic fecal cleaning equipment is mainly divided into Automatic Flat scraper, V-shaped Manure Scraper and Track Type Manure Scraper. Taking the Automatic Flat scraper as an example, the composition of the product is introduced. The parallel automatic manure scraper is mainly composed of a drive, a corner wheel, a manure cleaning rope and a parallel manure scraping board. The motor runs to drive the reducer to work, and the sprocket rotates to pull the scraping plate to complete the dung cleaning.


product name

Parametric specifications





Flat scraper body

The material is SUS304. The middle rod is 10mm thick. The middle plate is 3.5mm thick. The side plate is 4.0mm thick. The front section supports is φ16 round steel. The back end supports is φ42*3.0mm round pipe. With polyurethane board.







Flat scraper drive

The whole shell is made of hot-dip galvanized material. Galvanized layer not less than 80Mu and thickness of 4.0mm. The base is made of hot-dip galvanized material with a thickness of 5.0mm. Secure using hammer expansion bolts. Motor seat solid and stable effectively prevent motor jitter. Adopt 1.5KW motor and Korean Dong Bo chain. The septum sleeve is blackened. The gears have been tempered and tempered. The base is an adjustable base for better use in site construction.




Castors +brackets

Bar-type caster, with tainless steel cover plate, with limit switch bracket


Steel Wire Rope

SUS304 steel wire rope, 7*19. Diameter φ10, no bulge and no joint





Control box

MCU embedded control box, customized box overall protection grade IP65.






Proximity sensor

Imported brand sensor, stainless steel material.





Limit switch

Omron switch + Chint switch. Japan waterproof joint + hot melt sealant sealing treatment waterproof grade IP67.



Custom limiter, not easy to slip away.




Free of charge


The characteristics and process of automatic fecal cleaning system

The product name

Automatic defecation cleaning system

Product features

Advanced automatic manure cleaning technology makes the piggery clean and sanitary.
The scraper is designed for automatic retraction and retraction, and the plate position is adjustable. There are rollers on both sides of the equipment to change the sliding friction into rolling friction, thus reducing the friction and improving the overall performance of the equipment.
Improve air quality and significantly reduce the adverse effects of hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases on workers and pigs in the piggery.
Safe operation, simple and quick installation operation, unmanned automatic management can be realized, can be converted to manual automatic mode.
The motor power is strong, the whole stainless steel corner and the traction rope has long service life.

Product craftsmanship

the overall SUS304 structure side plate 4.0, 4.5, pull rod 10mm thick to ensure the strength.the middle rod, equivalent to the keel of the scraper, play a supporting and tensile role, so with 10mm thick flat steel laser cutting and welding to strengthen the flat steel.
Machined with 304 stainless steel to make the pull rod and turning more smooth.
ratchet pawl is cast, after tensile test, and the wire rope clamp by laser cutting.

Company advantages

The driving part is made in strict accordance with the drawings and overseas import standards, and has been running abroad for decades with stable operation.
The main body of the scraper adopts 304 material, which is more suitable for domestic civil construction in structure, but the weight is not reduced.
Travel switch waterproof treatment, waterproof grade IP67, with anti-slip alarm proximity switch, there is a fault alarm in time.
Professional installation and debugging team, team members are more than three years of working experience.

The manure cleaning system is transported remotely

Three key elements of automatic fecal cleaning system
The three elements of the automatic manure cleaning system are Concrete engineering, product quality and installation.Civil engineering is one of the key elements of automatic manure cleaning system, we can provide professional civil engineering and technical guidance;Production: the main body of the scraper is strictly in accordance with the drawings for sheet metal and welding processing, and the drive assembly must pass the quality inspection and leave the factory;Installation: Installers have been engaged in the industry for more than 3 years, according to the installation and commissioning of the site civil engineering situation, there will be after-sales personnel for regular return visits and maintenance in the later stage.

Product Qualification 

Deliver, Shipping And Serving
Time of delivery: Within 20 days after down payment received.
The shipping way: By sea
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