Aerobic Fermentation Machine
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Aerobic Fermentation Machine

Qingdao zeyu kaisheng machinery manufacturing co.,ltd was founded in 2011 and entered the poultry keeping equipment industry in 2012. CASON intergrates product research and development production, sales and installation services. Our main products include: Ventilation and cooling equipment. Such as, exhaust fans, fiberglass fans, cooling pad, water lines, feeding lines, environmental control system... Pig farm equipment: Pig feeding trough, pig houses fence, delivery fence... Decontamination equipment: manure scraper system... Fermentation treatment equipment: Aerobic fermentation machine... Harmless treatment equipment and so on. Suitable for pig farms, chicken farms, duck farms and other animal farms.

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Product Description

Aerobic fermentation machine systems

Aerobic fermentation machine is stirring while air is delivered inside the fermenter.
Under the condition of sufficient oxygen, organic waste ch as livestock manure, sludge and food waste is decomposed by the action of aerobic bacteria.

The organic fertilizer just coming out of the tank is stabilized by natural cooling and evaporation of water to make microorganisms, and the whole fermentation process is over, and the organic fertilizer maturity reaches more than 95%, which belongs to complete decay.

Aerobic fermentation machine composition
Main Object
High quality steel forged shaft
Normalized forged quality steel, assayed prior to further processing.

Small amount of deformation, in line with the Japanese national standard JISS25C
Metallographic organization, crystal structure: refers to the composition of metal organization with the same chemical properties, crystal structure and physical properties, which includes solid solution, metal compounds and substances.
Ratchet & Pawl

Milling and wire-cut machining, running a perfect bite. The core lies in one point.
Sturdy and wear-resistant, making the more efficient. The ratchet is cut from 90mm thick steel plate.

Father Fin & Feather Root
(1) The blade with air holes, so that the fermentation bin in the uniform air intake, to ensure that the oxygen required for fermentation.
(2) The blade and shaft are welded with special welding wire to ensure the strength of the feather root.
(3) The whole blade is wrapped with stainless steel to ensure that the blade is not corroded.
(4) The spindle is concentric in three sections, lubricated with graphite oil, and rotates smoothly. There is copper sleeve between shaft seat and spindle to ensure minimum wear.

Hydraulic system

Milling and wire-cut machining, running a perfect bite. The core lines in one point.
Sturdy and wear-resistant, making the drive more efficient. The ratchet is cut from 90mm thick steel plate.

The company adopts professional manufacturers to ensure the service life of the shaft seat.

Air Delivery System
Fans are mainly divided into domestic fans and imported fans

Top air supply fan: 2.2KW imported brand
High pressure air supply equipment is stable, low failure rate, and no decay of air volume.

Deodorization exhaust fan: 3.7KW stainless steel 304 fan
Exhaust gas temperature is high corrosive, need to use high temperature resistant anti-corrosion fan.
Bottom two high-pressure supply fans.
8.7KW~11KW Imported brand High pressure air supply with filter cartridge.

Deodorization system
(1) Water pump
(2) Equipment body
(3) Spraying device
(4) Air collecting fan
(5) Filtration device
(6) Observation port
(7) Exhaust duct
(8) Exhaust gas collection inlet

Aerobic fermentation machine operation principle
The exhaust fan is fixed on the top of washing aerobic fermentation machine, and the exhaust fan collects the exhausts gas through the pipeline, and the exhaust gas passes through the internal spraying and washing device, filtering device, eliminating the dust and harmful gas in the collected gas, and then discharges through the exhaust splitter outside the pipeline.

1)Mature and stable process, strong resistance to odor load, fast decomposition of odor by microorganisms, high efficiently.
2)Gas distribution is uniform and the removal rate of odor generally reaches more than 90%, without problems such as secondary pollution.
3)No need for manned operation, easy maintenance and management.
Electronic control system
International brand electrical parts
More stable system and longer life
PLC centralized control
Higher level of automation and intelligence.

CASON uses glass glue important from Japan- Toshiba brand. No chemical reaction within 12 hours of contact with butyl glue.

Aerobic fermentation machine parameters






Effective volume





Installed power










Pig manure(water 75%)





Pig manure organic fertilizer yield





Chicken manure(water 60%)





Chicken manure organic fertilizer yield





Project Case

Product Qualification

Deliver, Shipping And Serving
Time of delivery: Within 20 days after down payment received.
The shipping way: By sea
We welcome your inquiry.

What after-sales services do we have?
Provide equipment outline drawings, technical specifications, operation and maintenance manuals, provide equipment, electric control equipment and installation guidance, and provide commissioning, test run and quality assurance services.

What are the advantages of our equipment?
Aerobic fermentation machine adopts vertical fermentation; Intelligent equipment; Aerobic fermentation machine adopts variable-frequency speed-regulating motor. The frequency is changed by frequency converter to control the motor speed and air supply.

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